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  • 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

  • Toys R Us’ status as the most important toy store in town left it cavalier, if cocky at times, according to conversations with former employees, executives and industry insiders, who spoke to CNBC on the condition of anonymity. The story begins with Lazarus, the store’s visionary who wanted the “R” written backward — an ode to childlike scrawl. Lazarus, who has been described as one of the great merchants of his time, expanded a baby furniture store he owned into a toy store. In its heyday in th
    Toys R Us built a kingdom and the world's biggest toy store. Then, they lost it.

  • It’s surprising because the OnePlus 6 has a glass back, a switch from the aluminum shell on the OnePlus 5T and all OnePlus phones before it (except the old OnePlus X). Reason 1: OnePlus 6 Dash Charge is far superiorWhy is there no wireless charging? Wireless charging on other devices has taken twice as long in our tests. And that was using Samsung’s Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand. Wireless charging in 2018 is merely a nice convenience, with potential not fully realized.
    OnePlus 6 doesn't have wireless charging, yet has a glass back – here's why

  • Federal charges have been brought against Tyler Barriss, the man who instigated a swatting that led to the killing of a man in late 2018 in Wichita, Kansas. The charges, including making false reports to emergency services, cyberstalking, making interstate threats, and wire fraud, come on top of state-level charges that were filed shortly after the incident. Interestingly, federal charges were also brought against the two Call of Duty players who initiated the hoax, Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill
    Federal charges brought against three men involved in deadly Kansas swatting

  • The squad system has felt off to me since Battlefield 4, and that’s a big reason why I stopped playing. I love Battlefield’s spectacle, and sense of scale, but without coherent squads too much of the game involves running to the action. Tim Clark: De-escalation ProtocolHey, so you know how sometimes we sneakily write a low which is actually just another high? Last night I had an amazing time playing the Escalation Protocol event that’s part of Destiny 2’s new Warmind expansion. Because my team—w
    This week's highs and lows in PC gaming

  • Season two of The Wolf Among Us , Telltale’s Fables-based narrative adventure about Bigby Wolf, Ichabod Crane, Snow White, and other mythological characters and creatures living in the real world of the mid-’80s, was expected to be out sometime this year. The delay is the result of “a few fundamental changes” at the studio that have taken place since the game was announced, Telltale explained in a blog post. “Ultimately our goal is to deliver an experience deserving of the passion you’ve consist
    The Wolf Among Us season 2 delayed until 2019

  • The Dota 2 battle arena is coming to the UK this weekend – to the real-world arena of ESL Birmingham, to be exact. And the whole event will be aired on BBC Three . The prize money for this Dota 2 event is a whopping $1,000,000 in the money pool and this event is all part of getting Pro Dota Circuit Points to get at that cash. The coverage will be presented by BBC Radio 1 presenter Julia Hardy with Dota 2 pros joining in to guide even newbs through the action. Alternatively, you can check out the
    How to watch esports on the BBC this weekend: live stream Dota 2 online

  • The Sinking City is one of those games that sounds brilliant on paper: An open-world investigative action-adventure set in a gritty 1920s inundated with water and Lovecraft-styled horrors. The new teaser doesn’t serve up any gameplay, but even so I feel a little more confident about what’s in store after watching it. It really frames the emotional essence that a game like this needs: Primeval horror, driven desperation, and flat-out dream world weirdness. The audio work is really good too. We’ll
    The Sinking City cinematic teases a 1920s world of shadows and insanity

  • The big Battlefield 5 reveal earlier this week was not without controversy, most of it driven by the presence of a woman on the cover of the box. And not a demure nurse watching over wounded warriors in the tranquil English countryside, no: This lady is pissed off and packing heat. “Our commitment as a studio is to do everything we can to create games that are inclusive and diverse. And honestly, if the biggest complaint about the “realism” of the BF5 reveal trailer is the presence of women (I m
    Electronic Arts says 'female playable characters are here to stay'

  • If you’re looking to start a new game of Skyrim, you’ve got plenty of options for how to play as different versions of the legendary Dragonborn. Here are five great mods for playing Skyrim as a character other than the Dragonborn. Alternate Start lets you skip the opening sequence and create a character living in Skyrim for a different reason. Maybe you’ve arrived by boat with a few basic supplies or maybe you’re a homeowner with a house and plenty of belongings. Live AnywhereIf you’re not the b
    5 mods for Skyrim that let you roleplay as someone other than the Dragonborn

  • To most of us, Microsoft Teams might just seem like another Slack competitor vying for office messaging market share, but in schools it’s proving its to be a revolutionary and transformative tool for classrooms. Those aren’t the words of Microsoft or some Teams spokesperson, but James Yanuzzelli, a social studies teacher hailing from Old Bridge, New Jersey, who is very much on the ground with today’s students. “I started a pilot program this year with Microsoft Teams and getting more open educat
    How Microsoft Teams is transforming the classroom

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    上海楼市拐点隐现: 土地供应调整致行情分化 在4月的供应高峰后,5月上海新房市场供应出现了明显回落。据上海链家市场研究部监控,5月以来截至24日,全市共有10个新建商品住宅项目推盘,共计推出房源2200套。 一个事实是,刚需盘出现了滞销倾向。金山某项目推456套新房仅8人摇号,中标率高达5700%。这与4月出现的中高端楼盘参与摇号人数超额情况大相径庭。 上述10个新项目全部位于远郊,属刚需盘,且认筹数均未超过房源数,甚至有多个项目推出了

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    近日,一个已经在美国、英国等多个西方国家引起强烈社会争议的“援交”网站——“甜蜜定制”,竟然落户在了上海自贸区,在国内多个软件平台上线后,还拿到了社交类应用第一的位置。 网友 甜蜜定制网站宣称,自己锁定高端人群,提供不一样的约会体验。但是在欧美国家,它更加被人熟知的是一个高级援交服务平台。这样的平台怎么能进入国内?是否违法了相关法规? 在登录甜蜜定制中国官网后可以看到,该平台在139个国家使用,活跃会员一千万,其中魅力甜心800万,成功

  • Perhaps not in the near future, if a new report by Jon Peddie Research is correct in its assessment. One of the reasons why graphics cards were tough to come by is because, in some cases, cryptocurrency miners were buying them by the plane load. JPR notes as much in its latest report, saying that cryptocurrency mining is “continuing to influence the PC graphics market.” As a whole, JPR says cryptocurrency miners bought three million graphics cards worth $776 million in 2017, and another 1.7 mill
    Report says cryptocurrency demand drove annual graphics card shipments up 66 percent, optimistic about availability

  • By far the best deal for a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti right now can be found at Office Depot. For reference, the MSRP on a Founders Edition card is $699. And if you hit up Newegg, you’re not walking out the virtual door with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for less than $750, unless there’s a mail-in-rebate we’re not aware of. You can still overclock it a modest amount as well, especially if you raise fan speeds, but even at stock the 1080 Ti is incredibly potent. Buying a high-end card at this stage may be a qu
    Get an Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card for a crazy cheap $568 while it lasts

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    “售电公司”完成重组 中石油改革提速 华夏时报 陈健健 历经近1年的方案制订,中国石油集团电能有限公司(下称中油电能)已基本完成了重组整合的工作。 近日,记者自中油电能官微获悉,中油电能已完成公司机关、所属单位组织架构的调整。据悉,中油电能接下来将持续深化内部重组整合、拓展海外业务谋增量、推进售电业务扩规模、全力保持良好的安全和稳定态势及持续关注混改进展情况。 对于未来上市时间表,中油电能有关人士在接受《华夏时报》记者采访时表示,目前公
    中油电能成立售电公司完成重组 中石油改革提速

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    农业农村部:我国“卖奶难”与乳制品大量进口现象并存 新华社北京5月25日电(记者董峻、胡璐)农业农村部副部长于康震25日表示,近年来大包粉等进口乳制品完税后的价格仍大幅低于国内乳制品的生产成本,导致进口大包粉大量进入国内市场,出现国内“卖奶难”与大量进口乳制品并存的现象。 于康震在国务院新闻办公室25日举行的国务院政策例行吹风会上说,据海关数据,我国乳制品进口量从2008年的38.7万吨,增加到2017年的247.1万吨。2017年进口

  • Destiny 2 expansion Warmind changed how many of the game’s Exotic weapons worked – now, Bungie is turning its attention to the other half of the game’s loot-fueled equation: armor. Six pieces of Exotic armor will be getting updates come May 29, and these tweaks should help make the Guardians who don them feel just that little extra bit more powerful. Lion Rampant (Titan Leg Armor)You can hipfire while Lift is active without interrupting it, and your aerial hipfire doesn’t have an aerial accuracy
    Lion Rampant, Dragon's Shadow, Sunbracers and other Destiny 2 Exotic armors are changing soon

  • Broadcasting live from the Infinite Deadline, Samuel, Phil and Pip gather to talk about PC games new and old. It’s been a long week. Download: Episode 65: …It’s been a long week. Discussed: Beyond Good & Evil, Destiny 2, Phoenix Point, Two Point Hospital. Starring: Samuel Roberts , Phil Savage , Philippa Warr
    PC Gamer UK Podcast 65: ...It's been a long week

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